Types of drawing used in building construction

Construction Drawing

Different drawing is prepared for different purpose. Such as working drawing is prepared for construction project, drawing for approval is prepared for submitting to government agencies to approve and approved drawing is finally supplied to construction site.

Architectural drawings

Architectural drawings is an umbrella term for different kinds of plans, detailed drawings, reports and sketches etc which are either prepared by architects or engineers for the effective development of architectural trade of the building.

Structural drawing

Its name describes about it. It explains everything about structure such as strength of different part of structure, structural material, placement, grade and size of reinforcement etc. It also contains many other different named drawing sheets inside it.

Mechanical plans

Mechanical plans also resemble floor plans in that they are usually drawn from an overhead point of view, but mechanical plans show the location and specifications of the building’s mechanical systems.

MEP drawings

MEP is very important building trade which stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and for its effective development design and construction professionals have to first develop high quality drawings. The kinds of MEP drawings which are generated during MEP drafting services include mechanical drawings, electrical drawings and plumbing drawings.

Finishing drawing

It includes all drawing about finishes and out looking of building such as tiles, marble granite etc. Sometimes this type of drawing included with architectural drawing.